Range Booster Silicon

  • Range Booster Silicon
  • Range Booster Silicon
  • Range Booster Silicon
  • Range Booster Silicon
  • Range Booster Silicon

Ananashead Range Booster Silicon

A handmade silicon booster with range control based on the one-transitor treble booster circuit like the Range Master, Hornby Skewes or the May booster. At some point, sixties guitar players like May, Iommi or Blackmore changed or moded his germanium based booster into a silicon one due his best reliability and better signal/noise ratio

The pedal boost the signal, emphasizing medium/high frequencies adding a raw sound but with a softness similar to the achieved by leaving the wah in a fixed position. With the Range control the spectrum of frequencies is expanded to find the desired tone that suits your equipment

Other features:
· Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF interferences.
· Alpha reliable and robust footswitch.
· Alpha potentiometers with dust shield.
· Enclosed jacks.
· Metal film resistors and caps for lower floor noise.
· Filtered and wrong polarity protected 9V DC input.
· Can be daisy-chained with your other pedals.
· Popless True Bypass switching.
· Current draw: 3mA.

I love to do mods and customizations, please ask! The pedal can be ready to ship in a couple of weeks depending on the availability of components. Old pics, it doesn't have the sticker.

Some demos: