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  • MARK1 Fuzz
  • MARK1 Fuzz
  • MARK1 Fuzz
  • MARK1 Fuzz

Ananashead MARK1

A handmade germanium fuzz stompbox based on the first 3-transistor designs from early/mid sixties, the MARK1 has this distinctive zippery vintage tone. Gated and spitty in the decay, with tight bass and a ton of upper mids, the pedal offers two modes, one mids/full body that suits the tone of the likes of Mick Ronson and Jeff Beck and other one more trebly and raspy that catches the Satisfaction or spaghetti western tones.

Un pedal de fuzz de germanio hecho a mano basado en los primeros diseños de 3 transistores de principios/mediados de los sesenta, el MARK1 tiene este distintivo tono vintage de velcro. Gated y chisporroteante en el decay, con bajos apretados y bastante medios-altos, el pedal ofrece dos modos, uno medioso que se adapta al tono de Mick Ronson y Jeff Beck y otro más agudo y áspero que se acerca a los tonos del 'Satisfaction' o del Spaghetti Western.

Other features:
· Selected NOS germanium transistors
· Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF interferences.
· Alpha reliable and robust footswitch.
· Alpha potentiometers with dust shield.
· Panasonic and WIMA caps.
· 1% metal film resistors for lower floor noise.
· Filtered and wrong polarity protected DC9V input with 2.1 mm center negative standard jack for typical Boss type adaptor use. Can be daisy-chained with your other pedals.
· Popless True Bypass switching.
· Low current draw: 2.5mA.

I love to do mods and customizations, please ask! The pedal can be ready to ship in a couple of weeks depending on the availability of components.

Me encanta hacer mods y personalizaciones, por favor, preguntad! El pedal puede estar listo en un par de semanas dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los componentes.

Some demos: