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Ananashead Superfuzz

A handmade Shin-Ei/Univox FY6 Super Fuzz clone. A classic octave fuzz with matched transistors and NOS Ge diodes for more pronounced octave. The Tone toggle switches between the two Superfuzz modes, scooped and flat mids. Controls are Balance, Expander. The inside trimmer can be used to mess with tone, noise and octave, it's adjusted for less noise and more octave by default.

Un clon del Super Fuzz FY6 fabricado por Shin-Ei/Univox hecho a mano. Octave fuzz clásico con transistores matcheados y diodos NOS Ge para una octava más pronunciada. El switch Tone permite cambiar entre los dos modos Superfuzz, medios scooped y planos. Los controles son Balance, Expander. El trimmer interno se puede utilizar para ajustar el tono, ruido y octava, está ajustado por defecto para menos ruido y más octava.

Other features:
· Matched transistors and diodes for more octave effect.
· Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF interferences.
· Alpha reliable and robust footswitch.
· Alpha potentiometers with dust shield.
· Panasonic and WIMA caps.
· 1% metal film resistors for lower floor noise.
· Filtered and wrong polarity protected DC9V input with 2.1 mm center negative standard jack for typical Boss type adaptor use. Can be daisy-chained with your other pedals.
· Popless True Bypass switching.
· Low current draw: 5mA.

I love to do mods and customizations, please ask! The pedal can be ready to ship in a couple of weeks depending on the availability of components

Me encanta hacer mods y personalizaciones, por favor, preguntad! El pedal puede estar listo en un par de semanas dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los componentes.

Some demos: