Meteorite Fuzz

100.00 - 110.00
  • Meteorite Fuzz
  • Meteorite Fuzz
  • Meteorite Fuzz
  • Meteorite Fuzz
  • Meteorite Fuzz

Ananashead Meteorite

The Meteorite is our take on the Rite type fuzzes. It's a hairy vintage silicon fuzz that can either sputtery, gated or thick by adjusting its Depth control.

The originals did not have a great amount of volume so this one features an extra gain stage that will make it cut through in a band situation. You have also the option without the extra stage just like the original, please select an option from the dropdown menu below.

A great tool for garage, punk and surf tones that can help to catch the sounds of The Ventures, Dave Allan or Iron Butterfly.

Premium Guitar Magazine award winner January 2019, you can take a look here:
Quick Hit: Ananashead Meteorite

Other features:
· Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF
· Alpha reliable and robust footswitch
· Alpha potentiometers
· Metal film caps and resistors for lower floor noise
· Filtered and protected 9VDC input
· Daisy-chain friendly
· Enclosed jacks
· Popless True Bypass switching
· Current draw: 2mA

Some demos: